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French Translator

  • Transport, Logistics, Procurement, Import/Export Jobs


As an Interpreter/ Translator you will assist with the communication between French speaking and English-speaking staff at THK Manufacturing of America, Inc. (TMA) You help convert written documents for the THK Group and TMA (French/Spanish translation). Interprets verbal communications between French-speaking and English-speaking staff at TMA as needed.


  • Translates internal publications for the THK Group (French/English translation). Assists with performing internal TMA translations as needed.
  • Interprets verbal communications and acts as cultural liaison between French-speaking and English-speaking staff at TMA.
  • Assists in communicating and promoting understanding of THK’s values, strategies, policies, and procedures.

Background Requirements


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with knowledge of English and French language, grammar, spelling, punctuation, usage and culture.
  • Excellent French-English translation skills
  • Fluency in English and French required.
  • Be able to work a flexible schedule and come in across all three shifts when needed for interpretation.

Hard Skills

  • Advanced language knowledge
  • Document interpretation