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Portuguese (Brazilian) to English translator with phonetic training to help dub videos

  • IT, Software development, System Engineering Jobs


We are seeking an experienced translators whose native language is US English and who is bilingual or fluent in Brazilian Portuguese to help with dubbing Portuguese videos into English. Training on the tools and processes will be provided.


1) Help translate and dub video content (e.g., course lectures, ads, movies) from Portuguese to English. A Portuguese transcript will be provided along with a machine-translated English transcript. The translator will revise the machine-translated text as needed to produce a correct and natural-sounding translation. They will then use text-to-speech software to produce English audio and listen to the dubbed audio to make sure it sounds good to an English speaker, noting any problems that occur.

2) Check previously translated transcripts that describe video content, use text-to-speech software to generate English audio, and listen to the audio to check for and correct problems (e.g., incorrect alignment).

3) Review dubbed videos and provide feedback on any problems.

4) Translate other materials as needed by the client.

5) Help prepare videos for dubbing.


- Native speaker of English as it is spoken in the US
- Fluent Portuguese as it is spoken in Brazil
- Training in phonetics. You should be able to transcribe English speech using the IPA, SAMPA, or another phonetic alphabet.
- Bachelors degree
- 3+ years experience translating Portuguese to English
- Comfort with new technology
- Desktop or laptop running the Chrome browser

- Editing/proofreading experience
- Experience with video content (translating, captioning)

Hard Skills

  • Proofreading and editing skills